Newly introduced Diagonal Veneers are created by joining veneer flitches at an angle. The diagonal lines give dramatic look to your spaces making them look large. These veneers are available in two patterns: Diagonal Line and Diagonal Bricks. Decorative Veneers are typically glued onto core panels ( Typically Plywood ) to produce flat panels used in doors, wall panels, tops & panels for cabonets etc. Decorative veneers are obtained by slicing large rectangular blocks of wood known as flitches. Decorative Veneers provide a convenient solution for decorating on curved or rounded structures, especially when a small radius is required. 

Knotty Pine Diagonal Line

Barkburn Diagonal Line

Texas Wilderness Diagonal Line

Barkburn Diagonal Bricks

Dark Cinnamon Diagonal Bricks

Brown Santos Diagonal Bricks